If you’re wanting beautiful, chic, stylish, and full of personality photos then Danielle is the photographer for you! From the moment I met Danielle I knew she was the perfect photographer for me. One of the things that I loved the most was that she actually got to know you. She didn’t just set up an appointment and then take your photos. No, she came to my house, met my family, and talked about the endless options we had for our shoot. She really makes YOUR senior photos about YOU! You pick the setting you want, the style you want, etc. Not only that but she is super stylish and helped me pick out the perfect outfits for my photo shoot. She even went out of her way and used Pinterest to pin stuff to a “photoshoot” board for me to pick out makeup, hair, and clothing options from. Oh, and just when you think it can’t get better, it does. She’s beyond fabulous at doing airbrush makeup and hair! My makeup and hair was perfect and just how I wanted it. Another great thing was that I found myself really comfortable around Danielle and her assistant BB. They’re young, fun, and I felt like they were my friends which helped out a lot for the camera shyness. We were joking around the whole time and having the best time laughing and going all around to different places. It was an experience I will definitely never forget. The poses Danielle had me do at the time of the shoot seemed weird but when I saw the final product, WOW, just wow! I’m not kidding, I was obsessed with almost every single photo. I felt like a legit model and looked like one too! I’m so glad I picked Danielle to do my senior photos. Each one was unique and no other girls photos were like mine- which I love! Danielle’s work is by far some of the best I’ve seen and any girl would be lucky to have her do their senior photos!
— Abby