Always the creative.  Ever conscientious.  A perfectionist at heart.  All of these easily describe me and my passion for photography.  As a young child, I was often intrigued with photography and light.  I began my photography journey way back in grade school, as the little kid who stayed after school for Photography Club.  I loved the joy in capturing images on film, and the excitement it brought me to spend hours in the darkroom unveiling my work.  It was tedious work, but I LOVED it.  And that's how this started.  Just a child's imagination and a bigger dream. 

I attended Texas A&M University and graduated with a BBA in Management.  At the time, my creative pursuits came to a halt while I figured out how I was going to "get a real job."  But even as I went through college, I still explored creative outlets, working as a Beauty Consultant and a Makeup Artist as side jobs to help with college expenses.  My journey led me to explore Cosmetology School soon after graduating from A&M.  I became a licensed Cosmetologist soon thereafter.  

In 2010, with the birth of my son Caden, I reconnected with my passion for photography.  As a new mom, I just HAD to capture every detail of his life.  I found myself loving the craft, once again, and feeling like I was being pulled in so many creative directions!  My passion for hair, makeup, photography, business.... 

Soon after starting my photography business, I really felt that pull to high school senior photography.  It dawned on me that I could easily merge all my creative outlets into one.  I blended my love of makeup artistry, hair and photography and gave local seniors something different.  Portraits that their friends would envy.  But more than that, I wanted seniors to have an experience of a lifetime, and images that would still speak volumes years after graduation.  I really connected with seniors, and LOVED being able to transform them into beautiful, confident women in front of the lens.  It's indescribably rewarding to reveal their images to them and watch them see themselves in a whole new light.  As I realized I could blend all my creative endeavors into one, Danielle Raine Photography evolved from just merely taking senior portraits, to transforming seniors into confident women and giving them an opportunity to showcase their true identities. 


I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be.
— Diane Von Furstenberg