The Senior Portrait Experience.

A Totally Unique Senior Portrait Experience.

Senior Portraits like none other, styled to perfection and topped off with the most fabulous hair and makeup, it's The Senior Portrait Experience.  That's what we do here.  See, I didn't purposely set out to create this once-in-a lifetime experience, it just evolved over time.  As I put my passions together, my love for makeup, hair and photography, I found a way for senior portraits to rise from ordinary to extraordinary.  As my passion evolved, I promised my seniors an experience they'd remember for the rest of their lives, while focusing on capturing their true identities and letting them take center stage.  I work to transform my seniors into gorgeous and glamorous women.  After all, senior year marks the beginning of a new milestone and what better way to showcase this time in your life than modern, couture images that let your true beauty shine!

"From the moment I met Danielle I knew she was the perfect photographer for me. One of the things that I loved the most was that she actually got to know you. She didn't just set up an appointment and then take your photos. No, she came to my house, met my family, and talked about the endless options we had for our shoot. She really makes YOUR senior photos about YOU!"

"We planned out my outfits ahead of time, how we were going to do my hair, and even the look I wanted for my makeup (with the help of Pinterest ideas of course)! It was so convenient having Danielle as a photographer because she also has experience with hair and professional airbrush makeup. This let off stress of finding a hair stylist and makeup artist for the photo shoot! Danielle puts in 100% effort into each client and has never failed to impress me with her talent and compassion towards my photoshoots."